Friday, February 24, 2006

Zapping Bugs and Geocoding

We have been busy today killing several little bugs. Then late in the evening a surge of experimentation brought about the initial phase of the Geocoding feature of JoeMap (the feature that lets a user search for an address and the program locates it on the map.)

Todays Improvements

  • Fixed problems with permissions on pics from certain users from a beta problem we had. All pics should now be showing properly. We also fixed a byproduct bug from the new 'clicking point centers map' feature that was stopping a map from centering when a user arrived from a point link.

  • We've found this blog to be a great system of keeping users informed of the changes happening at JoeMap (Keep making COOL MAPS)

  • Requested feature to be able to easily continue placing points on a map without it reseting completed. Now a user can rapidly place many points in one location without interferance from the map leaving the current view.

  • Released some new graphics and buttons throughout the site to keep everything looking and working nicely.

  • Refreshed the forum style and graphics for a clean, fresh, New look. The goal was to make them easier to use and understand.

  • Got the beta geocoding function working for adding a point to a map. You can now search with very reliable results inside the US, the results are not as great in other parts of the world yet, but we will be working on that. The US search is powerful you can put in street addresses, zip codes, places (grand canyon) etc. so have fun with the wonderful new option.


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